BAE Systems

BAE Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures visible, infrared, and X-ray imaging sensors for a wide variety of commercial and military applications including security and surveillance, firefighting, medical X-ray, driving aids, scientific, military weapons systems and satellites.

Our thermal sensors enable the capture of images through fog, smoke, dust, haze and darkness for applications including security, firefighting, space, transportation, thermography, and night vision. Our uncooled, microbolometer-based thermal camera cores enable thermal imaging solution designers who seek class-leading performance.

Expanding upon the storied Fairchild Imaging legacy, we offer a wide range of imaging devices that provide our customers with top performance and key features for the most demanding applications. Our sensors enable imaging throughout the full spectrum from X-ray and visible wavelengths, to near infrared (NIR) and infrared (IR), all with excellent quantum efficiency. Our portfolio, using high performance CMOS sensors, is suitable for a variety of applications, all of which have the common need for uncompromised image quality to enable highly differentiated high-performance cameras.

Key Officers

Laura Ferrante
Business Development Director

Peter Norton
Technical Director

BAE Systems

BAE Systems

Lexington, Massachusetts